If unique inventory, knowledgeable staff and fair prices interest you, look no further! Ace Buyers is not your typical gun shop. We stock and deal in all types of firearms. With the largest selection of pre-owned firearms in Northern Michigan, knowledgeable staff, and fast turn over, you are sure to find something to catch your eye every time you step into our store! No where else in the Traverse City area can you walk into a single store and see a civil war era relic, a 100+ year old Winchester, a gold plated Desert Eagle and a custom AR-15!

Buy, Sell, Trade, and More!

I’m sure you’ve seen buy, sell, trade plenty of times in the corner of other store’s windows or business cards. I also am sure you’ve never experienced it like you will at Ace Buyers! Buy-Sell-Trade is more than just a slogan, its a way of life for us! We are in business solely to make deals happen! That means that if you need something we will do everything in our power to make a solid deal for you, no matter what your situation. Ace Buyers is more than another gun counter for you to make a purchase at, we’re a team of dedicated professionals ready to get you exactly what you need. So next time you are looking to buy a new piece, sell an old one, or just get some temporary cash, look no further than Ace!

laneguncounter “Buy-Sell-Trade is more than just a slogan, its a way of life for us! We are in business solely to make deals happen!”

Our staff has a great deal of experience in dealing with all types of firearms, making us the go to place to get a fair deal on your gun. On staff we have employees with backgrounds in retail sales, gun shows, hunting/sport shooting, tactical/defense firearms, and even an NRA certified instructor! We have the knowledge and experience to help every customer’s unique situation. Whether you have a precious heirloom or an old beater you can count on Ace to treat every gun, and more importantly every customer, with respect.

Variety is the Spice of Life – Wide Selection to Serve You Better

Ace Buyers Gun Counter Buy Sell Trade Used Guns
“Never the same store twice” With new pieces added daily, something is sure to catch your eye.

At Ace Buyers we deal in all types of guns, and we do mean all! Antique to modern and everything in-between can be found on the shelves and display cases of Ace Buyers! We regularly have hundreds of firearms on display at any given time of all varieties including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, and more!  We do our best to get each and every gun that walks in the door in order to serve all of our customers needs. You will never hear us say “that gun is too specialized” or “we don’t deal in those”. If it has a barrel and goes bang, we are interested in making a deal happen. We do not shy away from any gun based on price (too high or too low) in order to give the people of NoMi the widest selection possible.We like to joke that “It’s never the same store twice” but we mean it! With a constant flow of new merchandise and a quick turn over “I can’t believe you have a _____” is a common phrase around here, and we intend to keep it that way.

More Than Meets the Eye – A Full Service Gun Shop

When you step up to our counter it is sure to take you a while to soak everything in. There is a lot to take in! However, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for right away, please ask! We are a full service FFL dealer, meaning we are able to do much more than buy and sell whatever walks in the door. We also have the ability to track down almost any gun you’re looking for from another dealer. Not only are we set up with one of the largest networks of pre-owned gun shops, including the ability to get factory refurbished “like new” guns, but we also are able to order almost any current production firearm new right from the source! Before buying new elsewhere please check with us first. We are often able to beat local competitors prices and most guns arrive in a day or two.

Great Guns Don’t Have to Break the Bank

As stated above, we love making deals happen! That means we are more than accommodating to you, our customer! Yes, we have incredible prices that crush the box stores, but its more than that! We also have a very generous trade in and trade up policy. If you trade in that unwanted or unused model with us for a new piece you can expect a premium value to be given! We love buying and selling guns, trading allows us to do both! Rarely do values match up perfectly, but that’s A-OK with us! If your gun isn’t quite enough to swap us, just stick a few bucks with it and you’ve got a deal! Maybe your gun is worth more than the model you have picked out here. We would love to give you cash for the difference! Easy deals that make everyone happy is our goal!

Buying on a budget? Look no further than our 10-10-10 Payment Plan! We allow you up to 10 Months to pay for your purchase bringing almost every gun within reach on every budget! That means you can start paying for your deer rifle in February and still have time left over for opening day! You can buy a beater or you can wait for a Weatherby! For more info click HERE

Transfers: Getting from A to B

Gun Paperwork
NICS Checks are quick and easy

Although Ace is able to get almost any gun, sometimes the only way to get your hands on the perfect gun or the deal of a lifetime is to purchase online. However, it is important to note that you must have that firearm sent to a local dealer where you must pass a background check. We are happy to help facilitate the transfer of guns from online sellers. If you are considering purchasing from an online seller please contact us so that we have all information before the gun arrives.  We charge fee of $25 for long guns, $35 for handguns, and $10 for each additional firearm transferred if multiple guns are received from a single source on a single 4473.

NEW: Private party transfers. With all of the craziness going on in the world today it is important to know exactly who you’re selling that gun to. Ace Buyers offers the ability to conduct private party firearms transfers. The ability to verify the person you’re attempting to sell that gun to is a legal gun owner is extremely important. You can now conveniently meet at our store and we will run an FBI NICS background check on your behalf and include a paper trail for your records to put your mind at ease.