We’re Getting a Facelift! Remodel Improvements Scheduled for Ace Buyers’ Showroom

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Exciting Times Ahead

The big day is nearly here! We are thrilled to announce Ace Buyers showroom will be undergoing a remodel! Not only will we be getting a fabulous makeover including much needed flooring, paint, and fixture updates, but we hope to improve the customer shopping experience with improved showroom layout as well. Improvements will include a more open layout with wider walkways, a more private transaction counter, and an automated customer ticket number system to help alleviate those frustrating lines! Plus much more!!!

These Things Take Time

We understand all of these amazing improvements do take some time. Our goal is for that time to be as convenient to you as possible. We plan to still operate on a limited transaction basis during the few days of major projects. We will still be available to get you the cash you need, take payments, and allow for the picking up of your items. (We don’t want to hold anyone’s items hostage) but retail shopping will be closed off for a short time.

Out With the Old…

Part of getting all of these great new fixtures is finding new homes for the old ones. We will be selling off most of our old fixtures and displays. Some highlights include gun display cabinets, the large glass case with LED light strip we currently use for a jewelry display, lots of gondola style shelving (more available than what is visible on the showroom floor), several other glass cabinets, and many more odds and ends. Please see store to lock in. Most of these cases and shelves are able to be used for other types of businesses. Gondola shelving can make for great garage storage too! Get creative! These displays will be used for a couple more weeks and will be available to pick up in early September. You will need to make arrangements to move.

Make Room

We like to go into every decision looking for the “win-win” solution, and this remodel is no different. SO we will be marking down many of our biggest/bulkiest items down store wide! We need to move this stuff out of the way to work. You need an incredible price on the goods you want. WIN-WIN. Be on the look out of markdowns store wide on tools, speakers, musical instruments, bows/crossbows, and much more!


We couldn’t be more excited to kick off this new chapter, and we look forward to your help and cooperation as we make this transition.

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